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Recover from an injury and Prevent it from returning
Correct the stresses on your body to avoid injury and reach your maximum potential!

By performing a Functional Movement Screen and spinal exam we can uncover where your body is prone to injury or compensating from incorrect movement.

1. Functional Movement Screen:

Majority of sport strains/sprains arise from improper biomechanical movement that adds stress to joints and soft tissue. Therefore by discovering these imbalances and correcting them, we can decrease the risk of injuries. Furthermore by optimizing your function, you can perform at a higher level!

Functional Movement Screens put an individual through 7 basic movements to uncover weak links in the chain. With proper customized exercises, we can address these weakness. Click here to read more: Functional Movement

2. Myofascial Cupping for Trigger Points

This form of soft tissue/muscle therapy creates suction to help decrease inflammation, pain and muscle spasm while increasing blood flow. The suction creates an area of tissue decompression to help separate the layers of tissue. Often this form of therapy is very helpful for chronic trigger points or spastic muscles.

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3. Kinesio Tape

You may recognize this tape as the colorful strips on professional athletes. Kinesio Tape was developed to provide continued care once the patient leaves the office. The tape provides increase sensory input to the muscle or target anatomy in order to amplify the desired effect of; relaxation, muscle inhibition, swelling drainage, muscle activation or postural balance.